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Vote for MONEY REFORM at the GENERAL ELECTION 2010Money reform party leader and election candidate Anne Belsey

Voters living in Canterbury and Whitstable will have the opportunity of showing their support for money reform at the general election.

Anne Belsey, the founder and leader of the Money Reform Party, will be standing in order to further the Party's efforts in bringing the issue of money reform to the awareness of the general public and the major parties.

The Money Reform Party is far from being a household name, and it is not expected ever to be so. As soon as the issue of money reform becomes widely known and understood by the general public, it is expected that its policy will be appropriated by one or more of the major parties. Then the purpose of the MRP will have been fulfilled.

Canterbury (motto: Ave, Mater Angliae) and Whitstable have been the location of much of Anne's money-related activities even before the MRP was founded. In 1994, she co-founded the Canterbury LETSystem, a community currency scheme, which ran for several years, and she is currently a director and volunteer with the District of Canterbury Credit Union Ltd.

The constituency is an excellent choice for other reasons. It is home to two universities, and it is the younger generation who bear the greatest burden of the current dependence of our economy upon debt. Nor is the constituency a key marginal; it is rock solid Conservative. Voters will be able to vote for money reform happy in the knowledge that they will not be 'letting in' the major party that they dislike the most - which will either be the one that will win easily or the one that has no chance of winning!

A vote for Anne will be a clear and unambiguous show of support for money reform. What better place to make such a show than in the historic and venerable city that is the Mother of England?

Welcome to the Money Reform website

If you have ever wondered why the world is in the state it is in; why the environment is being destroyed, why the first world has so much and yet is in debt, the third world has so little and is also in debt. Then this site is for you.

How many times have we been told that this school, or that hospital can't be built unless we raise taxes? Or you perhaps you can't afford to take a cut in wage, to take the job you really want, because you have a mortgage and rising debts that you took out, to get money in order to support yourself and your family. Isn't it odd that we buy products that during their manufacture have destroyed forests, polluted seas and contaminated the air we breathe because we can't afford to pay for the better alternative.

Money is at the heart of all our lives. It is time to understand what money is and how it works.

The things you will read, will appal you. You have been deceived for a long time.

Please read the information on this site. It is imperative that we understand the true cause of our world's problems so that we can solve them.

By understanding how money really works you will be joining a growing movement of socially and environmentally conscious people who want to make a positive difference to our world and our own financial well being.

The Money Reform Party has been set up to address these problems

Now is the time.


Anne Belsey will represent the Money Reform Party during the great debate on February 1st. is to hold the UK’s first Debt Awareness Week from 29 Jan – 2 Feb 2007.

Consumer groups, MPs and debt consultancies alike are backing the initiative.

Events are planned throughout the week and will be announced periodically throughout January.

The key event will be The Great Debt Debate on 1 Feb as high profile figures gather in Canary Wharf to take questions from the press and general public.

Anne Belsey will be there to promote the Party and Operation MoneyAsDebt.

Anne Belsey to stand at the Bromley & Chislehurst Parliamentary By-Election 29th June 2006

Election Communication

Bromley & Chislehurst Parliamentary By-Election 29th June 2006

For MONEY REFORM vote for Anne Belsey

Vote for Anne Belsey

Dear Voter,

The Money Reform Party has just one policy -

that no money should be created by any privately-owned body or individual.

This policy might come as something as a surprise to those who assume that all of the money in circulation within the British economy is created by a public authority, such as the Bank of England. After all, we have laws against counterfeiting, don’t we?

The truth, however incredible or scandalous it might seem, is that over 97% of the money within the British economy is created by privately-owned companies - banks.

This money is created by banks whenever they lend any money, for they do not lend existing money, such as saver’s deposits, but create completely new money through a book-keeping exercise.

The late J.K. Galbraith, Professor of Economics at Harvard, is worth quoting here. “The process by which banks create money is so simple the mind is repelled. With something so important, a deeper mystery seems only decent.” Indeed, it could be said that the process by which banks create money is the root of all evil.

Your home is at risk...

if you do not keep up the payments on your mortgage. More than half of the money in the British economy has been created through mortgages. Since they entered the housing market in a big way during the 1980s, the banks have created so much money that house prices have shot up beyond the reach of many.

Nowadays, the average house costs ten times the average salary. In the early 1980s, the average house cost about three times the average salary, whilst in the 1930s, an average house could be bought for just one year’s average salary. Housing is now over three times its 1980’s and ten times its 1930’s cost in real terms.

Young couples are saddled with such hefty mortgages that both are required to earn full-time incomes. This is not conducive to the well-being of young families. Families under pressure put our schools, our health service and our guardians of law and order under pressure. Financial worry is the biggest cause of marital break-down.

Your public services are at risk...

because the government (of whatever party) also borrows money that the banks create out of thin air! And they would sooner ‘balance the budget’ and pay the interest on such ‘loans’ than put money towards our schools, hospitals, pensions, armed forces, and police.

Your business is at risk...

if you do not keep up the payments on your loan. Businesses are also under pressure. With such large slices of family incomes being used to pay off artificially inflated mortgages, there is less money available to spend with other businesses. Sales techniques have become ever more strident, particularly targeting children. Young parents, unable to give their children the time and attention that they naturally require, concede to demands for the latest fads and gizmos, often borrowing heavily in order to do so.

The banking ‘industry’ is able to lend any amount of the money that it creates out of thin air, so it has become quite reckless in its lending policy. It encourages people to borrow to buy things that they do not need and cannot afford, and only high levels of borrowing and spending, we are told, are keeping the economy from recession.

Your economy is at risk...

with total personal debt in Britain now exceeding £1 trillion. Overall levels of debt are now so high that the only way that the economy can find the money to meet the payment of the interest is by further borrowing. This is not a recipe for economic stability.

Every country in the world is in debt and, paradoxically, the richest country in the world, the USA, is the most heavily in debt. In trade negotiations we see every country trying to sell as much of its goods as it can to every other country, simply to reduce its own debt.

Many weaker countries’ economies have already been wrecked by debt, so their people head north to Europe to make a living. This is hardly surprising, given that our banks have taken their money.

Your world is at risk...

because in order to meet the demands of a debt-based money system, individuals, businesses and whole countries are busy consuming finite resources and destroying our world’s priceless environment simply in order to reduce their level of indebtedness.

All the money in the world that gets paid to the banks, in payment of the principal that they create out of thin air and the interest charged on top of that, is then used by them to play the world money markets like some obscene game of poker. Over 95% of the world’s money is now used to buy and sell money rather than facilitating the trade of goods and services. Yet all the money in the world will not be enough to buy a new planet when we have wrecked the Earth.

The Alternative

The Money Reform Party proposes that that no money should be created by any privately-owned body or individual.

Money creation should be limited to a public agency. Money should be spent (not lent) into circulation on public services, so providing the economy with the means-of-exchange that it requires.

This would curb the current debt-creation process and all the problems that that entails, and it would enable the government to both cut taxes and increase public spending, to the tune of a total of about £1000 per person per year.

This is not a risk,...

nor is it rocket science, nor inflationary, nor beyond the laws of nature, and a working example is presently close at hand. It has been the way that the Channel Islands have provided their money supply for the last two hundred years, enabling them to enjoy low taxes, good public services, full employment and no National Debt.

Vote for a debt-free future. Vote for Money Reform. Thank you.

Anne Belsey

Vote for Anne Belsey


  1. The name of the party shall be the Money Reform Party (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Party’).
  2. The purpose of the Party and its sole policy shall be to promote, by any legal means, the abolition of the power to create state-backed money (sterling) by private individuals or companies for private profit, and the investment of that power in national or local government for the benefit of the public purse.
  3. The policy of the Party shall be explained as in itself tackling the various economic, social, environmental, educational, medical and other problems that are generally presented to government for solution.
  4. Membership of the Party shall be open to anyone who advocates the policy of the Party and adheres to the constitution of the Party.
  5. The Party shall not present itself or its policy as being left-wing or right-wing or aligned with or opposed to any particular political ideology.
  6. The colours adopted by the Party as its distinctive livery shall be black and white and its emblem shall be a set of balanced scales.

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