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The Proposed Bank of England Act

This is a reform that could prevent a future financial crisis, clear the national debt, and restart the economy.
It cures the sickness in our economy and financial system by tackling the root cause of the problem, rather than just the symptoms.
It would make the 'inevitable' cuts in public services completely unnecessary, reduce the tax burden by up to 30% and allow us to clear the national debt. It takes control over the UK's money supply out of the hands of the commercial banking sector and restores it to the state, where it can be used to benefit the economy, rather than providing a £200 billion annual subsidy to the banking sector.

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Operation Money as Debt (OMAD) in full swing.

Money as DebtThe Money Reform Party has produced, under licence, Money As Debt DVDs for purchase by UK-based customers. These can be bought individually from the Money Reform Party, or in batches for mailing out to individuals and organisations potentially sympathetic to our cause. Please contact us for copies of the DVD. It is this process of batch purchase and sending on that is Operation Money as Debt.

For every £5 donated, you will receive a copy of the DVD for your own purposes (if you want one).

That means if the whole of £1500 is covered by donations, then up to 300 will go to yourselves, leaving 700 for the 'national campaign'.

The question is to whom should these be sent. Thinking about this and listening to the thoughts of others, my idea is that we should target the Green Movement - local Green Party, Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace groups, and all the various publications and other organisations that full under that category.

The environment is the big subject at present. We need to ensure that those pressing on environmental matters understand that a debt-free money supply is essential to attaining a sustainable economy. Also, if the Green lobby can see that environmental protection can be secured by methods other than taxing people to the hilt, their message will become a more palatable one for the general public.

The idea of going for an 'identifiable' group is that hopefully most people who receive the DVD will each know one or two other people in their circle of acquaintances who will also receive one, or will read about it in a magazine or newsletter. So it will be seen as an 'event', and they will have someone with whom to compare notes.

If anyone can think of a better identifiable group at this stage, please put your ideas forward.

I f you want send one to your MP, feel free to do so.

I have had the idea from Sue Bell and Judy Brown to do a follow up by phone call to those we send out a DVD. Also, from Matteo Mazzariol (or rather, his wife) has come the idea that we send a letter out first, with a simple reply card asking whether people would like to receive a free copy of the DVD. This is Plan B. It will cost more, but we might get a better return for the cost.
If anyone wants to make follow up phone calls, contact the secretary at the address below and she shall give them the relevant contact details.

Which brings me onto the subject of names, addresses with (ideally) telephone numbers for say, 1000 to 2000 potential recipients. If anyone wants to research these, in whole or part, or has any to put forward from their present knowledge, please let me know.

Any further donations should be sent to:

The Secretary,
The Money Reform Party,
34 Berkeley Close,
ME13 9TR dsf

Anne Belsey

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