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To find out more about the problems caused by our present debt-based money system, and the solutions to those problems check out the following websites:

Positive Money

Positive Money

Positive Money. Campaiging for a banking system that doesn't cost us billions to rescue

Money as Debt

Money as Debt DVD

The (proposed) Bank of England Act

This is a reform that could prevent a future financial crisis, clear the national debt, and restart the economy.

Ben Dyson

Ben Dyson - real solutions to the banking crisis

Simon Dixon

Simon Dixon monetary Reform and Banking & Finance

The Matrix - A poem by Paradox

Paradox's poem

Prosperity - Freedom from Debt Slavery

A monthly journal on Money Reform, based in Glasgow, Scotland which campaigns for publicly-created debt-free money.

The Money Masters

American website based on the extraordinary video and book: The Money Masters: How International Bankers Gained Control of America.

In the UK the Money Masters video is available from Prosperity.

In the US and the rest of the world get the video / DVD from The Money Masters web site.

Forum for Stable Currencies

Sabine McNeill's website. She organises meetings which are held regularly on the subject of money reform in the House of Lords.

The Economic Research Council

The ERC is a registered charity, dedicated to discuss, dispute, debate and generally seek enlightenment on economic issues of all kinds, particularly those concerned with monetary practice.

Christian Council for Monetary Justice

The CCMJ has been warning against escalating debt for 45 years.

The Global Justice Movement

Global Justice Grows From Within - It starts with endogenous money and ends with peace...

Monetary Reform On-Line

Monetary Reform On-Line is an on-line resource and a magazine demonstrating how a nation's financial banking system could use its money supply to solve its debt crisis through positive grass-roots political activism.

Working for a Sane Alternative

James Robertson's website. Sustainable Development. People-centred Globalisation, combining economic efficiency with economic justice. Progress that is socially just and environmentally benign. Money and Finance as servants not masters.

The American Monetary Institute

A foundation dedicated to the independent study of monetary history, theory and reform.

Democrats for Social Credit

New Zealand political party that stands for social and economic justice. At the heart of its vision for New Zealand is a fundamental reform of the monetary system. they offer policies to strengthen communities, reward enterprise and safeguard the environment.

The People's Bank Party

The People's Bank Party has been created to bring about the most important political reform in Australia's history. That is to bring about a democratically elected people's government which creates the money supply for our country.

The People's Mandate

Sam Broad's Australian site includes Money Reform ideas. He specifically directs people to his page at for an introduction to his ideas.


Based in Canada, COMER is an information resource available to economists, activists, policymakers, academics, and those interested in evaluating contemporary monetary and economic policies.

The Money Files

American site exposing corruption in the global monetary system.

Whirled Bank

A website critical of World Bank Policy.

Sustainable Economics

Sustainable Economics is the bimonthly newsletter of the Green Economy Working Group of the Green Party of England and Wales.

Monetary Evolution

This site is as a resource, helping to educate people about money and the urgent need for change in our debt based money system. The site forums aim to create community amongst those committed to change. The forums also function as a common repository for information useful to activists and those who wish to know more.

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