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Star Woes

Chapter 7

The following year, a small but hyper-space capable starship spun out of the clear blue Standardian skies and headed for the main settlement, Standardia City. This ‘city' was clearly visible by virtue of the profusion of flags that adorned it.

As it appeared and flew down to the open park of the City, the people of Standardia put down their sewing, their pitchforks and their pens, and all gazed up to watch. The appearance of such a craft was, of course, expected, and Tex Stardust re-counted the pile of Standardian dollars on the desk of his Governor's office.

The craft was different to the one that had arrived the previous year. It was smaller and, if at all possible, even more ugly. The ramp-door opened and down it walked a two-legged pea-green coloured creature who was the size of a small man and who possessed a long pointed snout and large bulbous eyes.

"Howdy," called Tex. "Er, you're not who we were expecting."

"No," agreed the creature through its electronic translator. "I am Greenboi. Here on behalf of my Master, Barcla the Hoard."

"Yeah, that's who we were expecting."

"My master is a busy slug. I am here to collect the money. Two hundred Standardian dollars, it is not?"

"That is correct. Would you like to count it?"

Greenboi thought for a moment.

"Yes. I had better. My master does not like matters of money to be skimped."

The money, rather worn and well-used as it was in comparison to its crisp newness of the previous year, was, nevertheless, all there. Greenboi looked about, found himself rather repelled by the pasty beige colouring of these humans and decided not to accept any invitation for refreshment.

"That there money has been a real boon to us folks of Standardia," began Tex conversationally.

"Good," said Greenboi counting the money.

"We've got a lot more things than we had before. Folks made things for other folks to buy, who in turn made other things folks so as they'd have the money to buy the things that they wanted..."

"Yes," agreed Greenboi, trying not to be distracted.

"Yes, a real boon, you will thank your master for us, won't you?"

"I will. Thank you. It is all correct. Now I must be away. I will see you next year."

He returned to his ship, which lifted off into the sky, and was last seen as a tiny speck between the twin suns.

"Not the most sociable of fellows, was he?" mused Jefferson Clintwood.

"No, but I guess he's just like a bank clerk doing his job," returned Tex.

Then he paused before continuing.

"He reminds me of the sort of guy who always gets wasted in a movie. The odd-job man, the messenger, the passer-by, and you never get a chance to wonder whether he has a family who will grieve over him."

Next time, resolved Tex Stardust, he would invite the little green guy to lunch.

"Okay, everyone," he called. "Show's over. Time to get back to work."

There was disappointment that the stay of their one visitor all year had been so brief. Folks had hoped for more to talk about than the brief appearance of one little green man. Next time they would put on more of a show, and make him feel more welcome.

Even so, they were prospering. More and more land had been placed under cultivation. Children were growing up. Those who had arrived as adolescents on Standardia were now setting up their own homesteads, and with a sizeable food surplus produced each year, more and more of the populace could engage in activities off the land, enabling more different goods and services to be made available.

Life was good and most were happy to acknowledge that the new money system had enabled transactions to be undertaken more expeditiously. Also, the Empire had seemingly forgotten about them. Leastways it left them alone, which was all that the Standardians hoped for.

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